Make your own garden pool

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People who want a swimming pool are often plagued with questions. Many wonder if it’s a good investments, since financial changes are difficult to foresee. People who have small children wonder if pools are safe and secure. In this article, we’ll consider a number of issues that get raised when it comes to buying a pool.
For people who have small children, safety should not be neglected. To make your pool safer, make sure you that you have handrails installed on the ladders and stairs. Also, install nubs of rubber or rough stone on the surface around the pool to prevent slipping.
Many people wonder whether they’ll be able to use their pool very much. With the addition of a water heater, you can use your pool year-round. Also, by installing a roof over your pool you can even use it during inclement weather. However, for these kinds of upgrades, make sure that you consult a professional. For example, according to the roofing pros at Hustad roofing, a “common pitfall of inexperienced roofers is improper roof installation.”

Clean the pool properly

Another important point to consider is care and maintenance. For example, over time, lime can build up in the cracks and contaminate the water, clog the pumps, and thus make the pool susceptible to corrosion and leaking. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to invest a pool cleaning vacuum and a filtration system.

Consider getting a “Clean Vac”, an automatic pool cleaner. It works well regardless of the pool material and shape, and it can pump approximately 6 cubic meters per hour. Additionally, you might get a telescoping pool cleaning net so that you can fish out leaves and debris. Finally, get a pH testing device so that you can determine whether the water is clean.

The finished pool – advantages and disadvantages compared to the Quick up Pool

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Swimming pool construction

A prefabricated swimming pool as it is now installed on many gardening and landscaping companies or specialist suppliers, is popular with builders of high popularity. Anyone who wants to increase the value of his property and would like to complete the overall picture conclusively which is clearly better off with a prefabricated swimming pool towards a quick up pool.

Often the finished pool is directly involved in the planning when building a house. A construction of the pool but also to the construction easily possible, different designs and variants of the finished pools can be found on the market today that appeal to different audiences and can definitely find the right model for each.

A scarf stone basin can be built prefabricated within a few days now. In the foundation plates reinforcing bars are inserted and then filled with concrete. The tightness of the construction is ensured by a PVC film.

The advantages of the scarf stone construction, the ease of production are counted, the modular system also allows self-construction. In addition to good mechanical durability is supported by the stability of the Beck tray for Finished pool to the scarf stone construction. The pool walls do not require extra-plastered, the styrofoam blocks a thermally excellent insulation is furthermore achieved.

One form of the finished pool also represents the fiberglass pools. The prefabricated pools is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Deliveries are made on a truck, whereupon the basin is lifted by crane into the prefabricated pit. Despite the well-established form, put fiberglass pools a bottom plate of concrete advance. The enormous mechanical stability speaks for fiberglass pools. Transport costs should be not supported at this finished pool construction. Condition of delivery is a suitable truck access, moreover, a clean installation level must be guaranteed.

Stainless steel pools are as ready pool variant especially pleasing to the eye. Again, almost any shape can be produced individually. The stainless steel prefabricated pools is very hygienic and cleaning problems. Since the stainless steel basin is completely waterproof, and after some time the impermeability can be guaranteed 100%. By the reflecting surface, the water in the basin heats up quickly and it can be a pleasant temperature to be kept up in the late summer or autumn.

The only negative is the expensive purification before the season and the cost-intensive production. Best of stainless steel pool should be designed as an overflow pool, because the water’s edge may otherwise heat up quickly in direct sunlight, this involves additional costs. In an improper processing of stainless steel can corrode, for this reason, the basin must be made by a specialist.

The advantages of a prefabricated pool against a quick up pool can be seen especially in the durability, and visual aspects and the appreciation of the home speak for a pool with prefabricated. Disadvantages compared with the Quick up Pool can be seen in the fact that the costs are very high, and the (up) construction proves to be significantly more difficult.